• To be “A Complete School at Everyone’s Reach” (Nepali: सबैको पहुँचमा एउटा सम्पूर्ण विद्यालय)


  • To be “An ideal school in the country and a model school in Bhaktapur by imparting Total Quality Education to produce Total Quality People (TQP) in a Torture-Free Teaching Environment (TFTe) at most affordable fees”


Being committed to contribute its best to fulfill national objectives of education, GGESS has set the following goals and objectives:

  • To impart result-oriented education in accordance with global context in a practical and psycho-scientific way,
  • To make students understand their responsibilities towards self, family, society and nation, and to develop them as an able and competent person to accomplish leadership role for that.
  • To develop school as a base-camp to prepare civilised and ethical citizens with scientific skills and competencies according to the national need in connection with spiritual truth and good sense of humour.
  • To develop the school as a pure educational centre of good-companions, great masters and lateral thinking.

A Complete School at Everyone's Reach!