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It contains all the news and events happening at Golden Gate during A/Y 2073.

Reading Competition & Nepali Dictation

21st Jestha, 2073 | This week was so special due to off-track contests like Reading and regular contest like Dictation at the same time.

A. Inter-House Reading Competition

Level: Lower Secondary

  • Best Reader: Rojina Lama
  • Class: VIII
  • House: Annapurna


B. Inter-House Nepali Dictation Competition

Event 1: Primary Level, Class 3 – 5

S.N. Names of the Students Rank Class House
1. Puja Nhemaphuki 1st 4 Machhapuchhre
2. Diya Jadhari 2nd 5 Sagarmatha
3. Krishna Kasula 3rd 3 Kanchanjunga

Event2: Primary Level, Class 1& 2

S.N. Names of the Students Rank Class House
1. Dipesh Bajracharya 1st 2 Sagarmatha
2. Anusta Suwal 2nd 2 Kanchanjunga
3. Shailendra Hamo 3rd 1 Machhapuchhre

Essay Competition and Dictation

14th Jestha, 2073 | We had two major Inter-House events this week in different levels as follows:

A. Inter-House Essay Writing Competition

Event 1: Lower Secondary Level

  • Best Essayist: Anisha Kumpakha
  • Class: 7
  • House: Kanchanjunga

Event 2: Secondary Level

  • Best Essayist: Shraddha Shrestha
  • Class: 10
  • House: Sagarmatha

B. Inter-House English Dictation Competition (Total Participants: 132 students)

Event 1: Primary Level, Class 3 – 5

S.N. Names of the Students Rank Class House
1. Krish Bajracharya 1st 5 Annapurna
2. Puja Nhemaphuki 2nd 4 Machhapuchhre
3. Diya Jadhari 3rd 5 Sagarmatha

Event2: Primary Level, Class 1& 2

S.N. Names of the Students Rank Class House
1. Bigyan Sitikhu 1st 2 Annapurna
2. Dipesh Bajracharya 2nd 2 Sagarmatha
3. Pratham Napit 3rd 1 Kanchanjunga



Blind Game @ Primary Palace

9th Jestha, 2073 |  Primary Level students at Primary Palace got an exciting opportunity to enjoy the Blind Game. Organized as Inter-House Competition, it was a marvelous experience for the one and all in the section.

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The following students were winners of the event:


Names of the Stuents




1. Prashant Dagi




2. Rehan Suwal




3. Riju Bala




DSCN6867 DSCN6913

Inter-House Ball Relay Competition

Friday, 7th Jestha, 2073 | Parallel to the Horse Riding Program, Inter-House Ball Relay Competition was also held for the students from Class 6 – 8.

image-b0821b3f653eb3dfb621d805a1f309adecfab183bbcc14a4600e333a95526461-Vimage-7fe9c2e133fb39bc471edc160ba533852998b6ad1627dbaa30c97adb109babbc-V image-0d019c2c31204e0b9a6482c288652a64ec8a1d7701f02e58bd32a16edabd8b96-V image-b0821b3f653eb3dfb621d805a1f309adecfab183bbcc14a4600e333a95526461-VClick Here for More Photos

The following students from Annapurna House were the winners of the event. Congratulations!

S.N. Names of the Students Class Remarks
1. Ishan Lakhaju 6
2. Swayambhu Samsuhag Limbu 6
3. Krijal Gwachha 7
4. Sushal Gosain 7
5. Bishal Tamang 8
6. Roshan Lama 8

Horse Riding @ Golden Gate

Day 1

Friday, 7th Jestha, 2073 | The first day of the much awaited Horse Riding Program at Golden Gate was successfully organized with lots of excitement and fun. Students enjoyed their rides, first ride for many of them, a lot and even parents joined them to give more encouragement and taking photographs. Students from classes 4, 5, 8, 9 and 10 were the ones to experience their ride on the first day.

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Day 2

Sunday, 9th Jestha, 2073 | The second day of the Horse Riding Program was yet another fun-filled adventurous excitement for the students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7. The weather much better and students got more chances to enjoy their ride.

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Orientation on Model United Nations (MUN) by IIMUN

25th Baishakh, 2073 | An Orientation on Model United Nations for students from Grade VIII to X was held in technical association with Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN), Mumbai, India.


The session was led by Mr. Rishabh Shah, Founder and President, IIMUN and co-presented by Mr. Priyank Vasani, Vice-President.


With the event, Golden Gate joined the entire fraternity of Model United Nations and now students from Class VIII to X are, with much excitement,  preparing for their first ever participation in IIMUN Nepal Conference which is going to be held in 17th to 19th June, 2016 at St. Xavier’s School, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal.

13241427_10153812980223547_2142113904_o 13235753_10153812981593547_1044030165_n

We would like to thank IIMUN for their great efforts to come all the way from Mumbai, India and train our students on MUN.