Students from Grade I through Grade VIII have been divided into four different houses with an aim of promoting the sense of healthy competitions and true sportsmanship. Almost each Friday, there are Inter-House events organized based on their preparation in different Hobby Clubs and the winners are instantly awarded for their success.

The major House activities are:

  • Inter-House Competitions/Contests
  • House Wall Magazines on House Boards

The school currently has the following structure of Houses:

S.N. Houses Captain & Vice Captains Editor & Sub-Editor Incharge Teachers
1. Blue Captain:
Krijal SitikhuVice-Captain:
Subina Sintakale
Alina TamangSub-Editor:
Rojina Lama
 Anita Maka
2. Red Captain:
Prashanna DidiyaVice-Captain:
Nikhil Thapa
Ruchi NakarmiSub-Editor:
Karina Thakur
Shreesha Sitikhu
3. Yellow Captain:
Sushil SuwalVice-Captain:
Nishan Sitikhu
Rose MakaSub-Editor:
Sushal Gosain
 Yogendra Adhikari
4. Green Captain:
Anish JoshiVice-Captain:
Anjali Lawoju
Liza KapaliSub-Editor:
Shamrit Nakhanda
 Radheshyam Suwal