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Exhibition of Bottle Project at Durbar Square

19th Mangsir, 2072 | Four students from Class – 9 along with two teachers volunteered to display the crafts from the waste plastic bottles at Durbar Square, Bhaktapur. The program was held under Bottle Campaign Project conducted by International Association of Lions Club and Leo Club of Bhaktapur Suryabinayak, and, sponsored by Bhaktapur Suryabinayak Lions Club.


The volunteering students were:

  • Binaya Bajracharya
  • Anish Twanabasu
  • Christopher Bhattarai
  • Rohan Sundas

Facilitating teachers:

  • Radhyashyam Suwal, Incharge: Lower Secondary Level
  • Anita Maka, Teacher: Lower Secondary Level

The crafts were prepared by the students from Class 5 to 9. There were 43 objects in total. Amongst all others, Golden Gate’s crafts were diverse and larger in number as well. Visitors and passerby enjoyed looking upon the objects curiously while gaining some awareness on waste management.


At the end, a certificate was awarded to the school.

Leo Certificates

Collaborative Paper Collage Competition marking International Day of Persons with Disability

IDPD Theme of 2015
Inclusion Matters: Access and Empowerment for People of All Abilities

17th Mangsir, 2072 | With a view to create awareness amongst students and teachers and provide a space to express emotions of young minds regarding disability, Golden Gate, in consonance with United Nations, organized an Inter-House Event “Collaborative Paper Collage Competition” to mark the International Day of Persons with Disability (3rd December, 2015).

20151203_14191820151203_151547The competitions were held in two groups i.e. Senior and Junior. In total, 179 students from Class 1 to 8 participated in the selection round, out of which, only 32 students could make their way to the Grand Finale.

20151203_142027 20151203_141944 20151203_151648

Few students also delivered informative speeches on the importance of the day in the morning assembly.

The following students were declared as the winning groups

Senior Group: Blue House

S.N. Names of the Students Classes Remarks
1 Alina Tamang 8
2 Rojina Lama 7
3 Subina Sintakala 6

Senior1st Senior2ndI senior3rd Senior 4th

Junior Group: Blue House

S.N Names of the Students Classes Remarks
1 Poornika Lage 4
2 Palistha Kiju 5
3 Anjali Suwal 2
4 Niharika Kumpakha 1
5 Sujal Maka 3

Junior 1st junior 2nd Juniour 3rd juniour 4th

The collages were displayed in the school ground for a week to let the other students observe and get awareness regarding the issue.


Cultural Exchange with North American “Global Ventures” at Golden Gate

25th November, 2015 | Golden Gate sponsored an International Drama Performance, a way of cultural exchange, brought all the way from North America by Global Ventures (


On Golden Gate’s part, the Golden Gateans sang Nepali National Anthem, School Prayer and performed a Special Newari Cultural Dance. On the American side, the volunteers presented the US National Anthem, moral education elements, drama, songs and dances.

11986452_977941258934874_8974812175160771302_n 12295432_977941598934840_4532705885522963376_n 12274439_977941798934820_3090284505618884300_n

Finally, Lissa from Global Ventures handed over a Volley Ball and a Net to the Principal Mr. Singa Lama as gifts to the school. At the end, Principal Mr. Lama thanked the Global Venture for all the efforts put forward to make the cultural exchange possible.

12295501_977940585601608_414702652836816127_n 12250069_977940625601604_2854644115955139923_nClick here for more photos

Art Mela by Peace Councils

22nd November (Mangsir 6) | Under the auspices of Bikalpa Gyan Tatha Bikas Kendra, Golden Children’s Peace Council, in association other councils in Bhaktapur, organized an Art Mela as a way of marking Universal Children’s Day – 2015.


The program was held at Mahakalisthan, Bhaktapur and the councils that participated were as follows:

  1. Golden Children’s Peace Council
  2. Liberty Children’s Peace Council
  3. Yapi Bhairav Children’s Peace Council
  4. Changunarayan Children’s Peace Council

12226938_976690272393306_5021325504823406851_n 11221706_976690299059970_1712373767132058396_n 12279217_976690319059968_3846442811057114548_n

Anisha wins 3rd Prize in District Level Speech Contest

4th Mangsir, 2072 | Miss Anisha Joshi from Class 10 won 3rd Prize in the District Level Speech Contest.

11990625_976701769058823_2301381872096781304_nThe contest was organized by Sunny Pradhan Memorial Organization on the topic “Students’ Role in Minimizing Risk of Earthquake”.

The Chief Guest Mr. Toyam Raya, Chief District Officer of Bhaktapur, awarded a Certificate, a Cup and cash prize of Rs. 1,000/-


The entire school family wants to CONGRATULATE Anisha for the achievement.

Children’s Hope for Sustainable Peace: Children Mural Painting with Bikaplpa

20th November, 2015 (Mangsir 4, 2072) | Marking Universal‬ Children’s Day – 2015, Bikalpa‬ Gyan Tatha Bikas Kendra in coordination with Golden Gate English Secondary School and Lisha English Secondary School successfully organized Children Mural Painting in Bhaktapur Durbar Square, a World Heritage Site damaged by Nepal Earthquake 2015 with the theme: “Children’s Hope for Sustainable Peace” (Nepali: “बालबालिकाको चाहना, दिगो शान्तिको स्थापना”)

Appreciation_by Bikalpa11204393_975972915798375_1234665355246989315_n12240434_478767838971841_518124190048849850_o 12244453_478767968971828_6869345451735434583_o

In total 394 Students and teachers participated from different schools and Golden Gate’s participants numbered 46 in total including students from Class 5 to 10.


There was a short formal program at the end which was presided by Ms. Lamin Lama, Program Coordinator – Bikalpa. Mr. Singa Lama,  Principal, Golden Gate and also a  Facilitator, Bikalpa, delivered short Welcome Speech. Chief guest Mr. Udhab Pd.Rijal, Executive Officer, Bhaktapur Municipality distributed certificates of appreciation to all the participants and participating schools.

12273732_478771312304827_5440389416960204079_o 12265904_478771078971517_6549780185732446307_o 12295310_10153422709023547_7746388922888392311_nClick here for more photos

The list of participants from Golden Gate:

S.N Name of the Students Classes
1 Sagar Twati 10
2 Sajeet Silpakar 10
3 Binaya Bajracharya 9
4 Anish Twanabasu 9
5 Christina Tyata 9
6 David Ghemosu 9
7 Nijan Basukala 9
8 Sanjina Lawoju 9
9 Christopher Bhatarai 9
10 Rohan Sundas 9
11 Anish Joshi 8
12 Prashana Didiya 8
13 Unique Awal 8
14 Shamrit Nakhanda 8
15 Subina Shrestha 8
16 Krisha Napit 8
17 Sneha Sitikhu 8
18 Sushmita Mahato 8
19 Alina Tamang 8
20 Krijal Sitikhu 8
21 Roshani Suwal 7
22 Bhintuna Nhisutu 7
23 Sumit Shilpakar 7
24 Rojina Lama 7
25 Bishal Tamang 7
26 Unish Sitikhu 7
27 Rashik Giri 7
28 Nishan Sitikhu 7
29 Ritik Dheshemaru 6
30 Roshan Ghimire 6
31 Krijal Gwachha 6
32 Samir Shilpakar 6
33 Suhel Baidya 6
34 Sujit Jonchhen 6
35 Aniket Shahi 5
36 Tara Lama 5
37 Renisha Basukala 5
38 Bishow Lama 5
39 Animesh Singh 5
40 Raj Majhi 5
41 Phurba Lama 5
42 Devin Kasula 4
43 Dichhyant Sundas 4
44 Jems Shrestha 4
45 Sudeep Thapa Magar 4
46 Biswas Lama 4

Tihar Special Program – 2072 (2015): Pursuit of Golden Culture

The yet another Golden Culture‬, the Tihar Special Program – 2072 (2015), was observed creating another glorious history with fun-filled festive elements. The program was exclusively organized by Class 8 students.


The program featured Deusi-Bhailo Competitions, Songs, Theater/Drama, Dances & many more.


The Class 7 became the winner and was awarded with Special Prizes by Anju Joshi, the Founder Director of the school.

3Click Here for More Photos


Inter-House Spoon Race & Football Juggling Competitions

17th Kartik, 2072 | Amusement at Golden Gate this time got the forms of:

  1. Inter-House Spoon Race Competition held in two different groups in Junior Level and
  2. Football Juggling Competition held in Senior Level.


The following students were the winners of the competitions. Congratulations!

1. Spoon Race Competitions:
Junior I: Class 3 – 5

Rank Names of the Students Classes Houses
1 Dikshant Pariyar 4 Red
2 Sajani Rajchal 5 Yellow
3 Bishwas Lama 4 Green


Junior II: Class 1 – 2

Rank Names of the Students Classes Houses
1 Rojina Lama 2 Red
2 Sudeep Lama 1 Green
3 Anju Dhakal 2 Blue


2. Football Juggling Competitions
Senior: Class 6 – 8

Rank Names of the Students Classes Houses
1 Kabin Giri 8 Red
2 Unique Awal 8 Green
3 Prashanna Didiya 8 Blue



Solid waste management, especially the plastic bottles, are of great concern these-days but creativity has way out for every situation.

So, we have initiated the  BOTTLE CAMPAIGN PROJECT  in association with the following organizations:

  • International Association of Lions Club
  • Leo Club of Bhaktapur Suryabinayak
  • Milestone Biochemical Lab
Workshop Session

A one day workshop was held for the students from Class 5 to 9 and students were trained on how to use the waste plastic bottles to beautify the surroundings and use them for various purposes.

Students are now under the project work of creating crafts and there will be competition to be held by the organizers.

Preparation for Vertical Garden


More photos can be viewed at: Click Here