Administrative Notices

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Result of Second Terminal Examination – 2067
The entire result (From Nursery to Class 9) of Second Terminal Examination – 2067 will be distributed on Friday, 2nd Poush, 2067 between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. from New Block of the school. The presence of parents accompanied by the concerned student(s) is a MUST, and, parents are advised to clear the dues upto the month of Poush, 2067.
We expect to see as many parents and students as possible on the day.

Thank you.

Terminal Break & School Resumption

The Second Terminal Examination – 2067 concludes today on Tuesday, 21st  Mangsir, 2067  and as a way of providing time for Term Break, the school will remain closed from Tuesday 22nd  to Saturday, 25th Mangsir, 2067.
The school will resume from Sunday, 26th Mangsir, 2067 in full fledge with its current schedules.
We expect to see you fully energized with added enthusiasm for learning.

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