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Dance & Music Classes to Resume

While the entire nation is gradually getting normal after CoVi-D 19 lockdown and school closures are almost over, Golden Gate is making its Bounce Back with a bang. For this, along with carefully planned and structured academic classes, we are starting some fun-filled experiences for our students.

The Dance Classes will be led by Dance Choreographer & Instructor Ms. Preety Karanjeet and Musc Classes will be led by the Former Golden Gatean – Composer, Singer and Arranger Mr. Roshan Lama.

Golden Gateans, let’s get ready to have fun-filled experiences!!!

First Online Exams Enthusiastically Concluded at Golden Gate

As it was a great challenge to start sustained quality online classes, it was even more challenging to explore, design, and implement an effective Online Examination System.

For that purpose, we had an agile research and developed probably the the most effective Online Examination Model in Nepal that served all three purposes of evaluation:

  1. Assessment of Learning (Traditional)
  2. Assessment for Learning (Modern)
  3. Assessment as Learning (Progressive)

To serve these 3 purposes, we executed 3 modalities of Online Examination as follows:

All 3 modalities address different levels of learning as follows:

The result of the examination was issued in GPA and Marks for all 3 models of exams along with standardized descriptors.

With the implementation of New Golden Gate Model Online Examination, it became more compatible with the progressive education we offer through Multiple Intelligences Based Project Based Learning #MI_PBL.

Early initiation of Online classes at Golden Gate

Immediately after the nationwide lockdown in 11th Chaitra, 2077 BS due to CoViD-19 Global Pandemic, Golden Gate proactively started Online Classes considering the pandemic impact on education. Initially, we organized Online Classes for SEE 2076 students bringing some of the nation’s prominent teachers from across the nation. The classes were highly appreciated by the students and parents.

Then, after a massive exploration of resources and technologies, we conducted Teachers’ Training for building skills for conduction Online Classes. We had closed research amongst our parents for the feasibilities of online classes. The research showed that nearly 80% or more students had access to the internet and devices.

This encouraged us to start the Online Classes at the earliest possible. So, immediately after the New Academic Session 2077 BS commenced, we started our Online Classes. Initially, we started classes for Class 10, 9 & 8. Then, we gradually moved down to Class1 till 24th Baishakh, 2077. We are so proud to state that we are amongst those leading schools to begin Online Classes at the earliest.

There have been lots of turmoils due to pandemic, governments’ decisions, and directives but our classes ran uninterruptedly. In the beginning, we had very few students but as we grew with quality and awareness, the participation kept on increasing. Till the last of Aswhin, 2077, we had more than 80% of students in the classes from Class 1 to 10. Preschool students are also increasingly being associated with the learning process.

We are highly thankful to our Valued Parents and dedicated Galaxy of Teachers for making things happen in leading and creating meaningful differences in education.