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अनलाईन शुल्क भुक्तानी सुबिधा

कोभिड१९ को दोस्रो लहरसँगै देशमा भएको लकडाउन र भाईरस संक्रमणको उच्च जोखिमलाई मध्यनजर गर्दै विद्यालयले ईसेवा र बैंक खातामार्फत डिजिटल पद्दतीमा शुल्क भुक्तानी गर्ने अनलाईन सुबिधा सुरु गरेको छ । इर्सेवा मार्फत जुनसुकै बेला शुल्क भुक्तानी गर्न सकिनेछ जसको लागि अभिभावकहरुले आफ्नो ईसेवा एपमा गएर स्कूल फी थिचेर विद्यालयको नाम सर्च गरेर थिच्ने र त्यसपछि आवश्यक विवरण भरेर शुल्क बुझाउन सकिनेछ ।

बैंक खातामार्फत भने संसारको जुनसुकै ठाउँबाट र जतिसुकैबेला पनि शुल्क बुझाउन सकिनेछ । बैंक खातासम्बन्धी जानकारी विद्यालय प्रशासन मार्फत लिन सकिनेछ ।

स्मरण रहोस्, विद्यालयले भक्तपुरमा गत वर्षको पहिलो लकडाउन सुरु हुने बित्तिकै २०७७ बैशाखदेखि नै नियमित रुपमा अनलाईन कक्षा र अन्य विविध गतिबिधिहरु अग्रणी रुपमा संचालन गर्दै आएको छ । २०७८ बैशाख १६ गतेदेखि भएको दोस्रो लहरको लकडाउनमा विद्यालयले अनलाईन कक्षालाई अझ बढि विस्तृत र प्रभावकारी बनाएको हो । विद्यालयले जेठ १६ गतेदेखि अनलाईन बिधिबाट नै अन्तिम परीक्षा संचालन गरी जेठ ३० गते नतिजा समेत प्रकाशित गर्दैछ ।


Best Online Courses from the Top Universities of the World

Golden Gate is now initiating the pride of providing the Best Online Courses from the Top Universities of the World through MOOC for the students starting as early as from Class 3 onwards.

MOOC stands for Massive Online Open Courses which has brought a revolution in education globally. Through this, we encourage our students to go way further by taking various Certified Courses from hundreds of the World’s Top Universities like Yale University, University of California, Stanford University, University of Melbourne, Johns Hopkins University, University of London, University of Toronto, etc., to name the few, from across the globe through personalized MOOC access.

Final Exams & New Admission

Amid the 2nd wave of CoViD-19 Global Pandemic and strict lockdown, Golden Gate successfully conducted the Final Exams 2077 starting from 16th Jestha, 2078 in Online (Virtual) Mode. Almost 98% of the students enthusiastically participated in the exams. Very few students from pre-School, especially the Nursery class couldn’t make it due to some technical reasons and they are also being evaluated using some other alternative tools.

Prior to the Examinations, level-wise parent’s meetings were held for the needful discussions. The participation and feedback of the parents were highly encouraging.

New Admission for Academic Year 2078

The school has called for New Admission for Academic Year 2078 through a video message posted on its Official Facebook Page:

Interested Parents and Students can fill our out Online Form available at:

Golden Gate’s SQC Rocks Qualithon Relay Race 2020

In one of the biggest and longest international events on Quality – QUALITHON RELAY RACE 2020 with about 3,500 participants from across the nation and the globe, organized on the occasion of World Quality Day on 12th November, Golden Gate’s 5 SQCians from Inquisitive Students’ Quality Circle (Class 9) wonderfully presented their SQC Case Study which was appreciated by a number of Quality Leaders worldwide.

The following presenters from Inquisitive SQC came forward for the presentation:

  1. Krish Bajracharya
  2. Nhorsang Lama
  3. Anuskha Shilpakar
  4. Sameer Tamang
  5. Sonika Tamang

Facilitating Master Trainer: Shreesha Situkhu

Run from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm on World Quality Day (12th November), 7 notable SQC practicing schools were selected from 7 Provinces of Nepal and thus, Golden Gate was selected from Bagmati Province as one of the most promising schools integrating SQC as a co-curricular activity for students’ personality development. The program had distinguished quality experts and practitioners as presenters from different sectors like industry, education, health, trade, security and social service from across the world.

Huge Congratulations INQUISITIVE SQC!!!

Parental Orientation on Continuous Character Assessment (CCA)

27th Chaitra, 2072 | An orientation program on Continuous Character Assessment (CCA) that Golden Gate adopts as Continuous Assessment System (CAS) was held for the parents of Pre-School and Pre-Primary Level students.


The program was presented by Mr. Shiva Shrestha, CEO in two sessions. Mr. Singa Lama, Principal, summed up the session with highlights of the entire CCA system. Founder Director Anju Joshi offered Vote of Thanks to all the concerned.


Free Dental Camp at Golden Gate

10th Chaitra, 2072 | “A One Day Free Dental Camp” was organized for the students and parents of Golden Gate English Secondary School. The camp was organized in technical assistance of Peoples’ Dental College and Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Nayabazaar, Balaju, Kathmandu.

Click Here for More Photos


Some 385 parents showed up in great excitement and quality dental services like extraction, filling, free medicines, orientation, etc. were rendered in various sessions.


Other than the students and parents, the ones to enjoy the service was the faculties and non-teaching staffs of the school.


Participation in 11th NCSQC ’15: Golden Gate becomes Collaborating Partner of QUEST-Nepal

Falgun 7 & 8th | Golden Gate with its two SQCs from Class 9 and 10, along with Principal Mr. Singa Lama and two teachers Mr. Rajendra Lama and Miss Anita Maka, participated in the 11th National Convention on Students’ Quality Circles (11th NCSQC) – 2015 organized by QUEST-Nepal in association with Apex School, Butwal, Rupandehi.

In the course of this participation, we had already participated in the 4 different NCSQC ’15 at different Hubs in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. The central convention in Butwal was the concluding convention and Golden Gate had historic and very special presence in the convention.

From this year, i.e. the year 2015, Golden Gate has achieved the pride of being Collaborating Partner of QUEST-Nepal as a Hub School.

Principal Mr. Singa Lama receiving Certificate of Collaborating Partner of QUEST-Nepal from Chief Guest Mr. Gehanath Gautam, Deputy Director, Curriculum Development Centre (CDC), Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal


The following is the brief summary of the participation in the NCSQC ’15 at Centre:

1. Case Study Presentations

Two SQCs from Class – 9 and 10 presented their case studies in the central conventions:

From Class 9:

  • Circle Name : Innovative SQC @ Golden Gate
  • Topic: Lack of Self-Confidence]
  • Leader: Binaya Bajracharya
  • Deputy Leader : Renuka Suwal
  • Secretary: Christopher Bhattarai
  • Members: Christina Tyata, Prajeeta Pradhananga & Shraddha Shrestha
  • Facilitator : Rajendra Lama

Class 9

From Class 10:

  • —Name of the circle   : THE GOLDEN GATEANS
  • —Formation  : 29th of Jestha, 2o72
  • Leader: Anisha Joshi
  • Deputy leader: Jyoti Shrestha
  • Secretary: Rashila Deshemaru
  • —Members: Sonima Moktan & Rija Maka 
  • —Average age: 15 yrs
  • Facilitator: Mr. Rajendra Lama

Class 10

2. Panel Discussion

As a Collaborating Hub School, Golden Gate had an opportunity to participate in the Panel Discussion, and thus Miss Anisha Joshi from Class 10 successfully participated in the program.

Panel Discussion this year was a special one because it was organized in commemoration of Birth Centenary of Prof. Dr. Kauro Ishikawa on the theme “Contribution and Philosophy of Prof. Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa on Quality management”. Initially, it was supposed to be moderated by Prof. Dr. Dinesh P. Chapagain himself, the man behind all quality movement led by QUEST-Nepal, but since he is currently residing in Manila, The Philippines, due to some serious health issues, the program was moderated by Principal Mr. Singa Lama, Executive and SQC Master Trainer at QUEST.

Principal Singa Lama moderating Panel Discussion

Anisha Joshi from Class 10 participating in Panel Discussion

3. Mansha Memorial TQP Award

Prajita Pradhananga (Class 9) receiving Certificate for MMTQP

Established in memory of Late Mansha Chapagain, the beloved daughter of Prof. Dr. Dinesh P. Chapagain, who died at her early age of 31, this contest is based on initial psychometric test of young students practising SQC in Nepal to measure the qualities of goodness and smartness so as to evaluate them in the scale of Total Quality Person (TQP) and award the Top 5 students amongst Top 10 in the central convention after concluding questionnaire round by a panel of judges.

Binay Bajracharya and Prajita Pradhananga from Class 9 participated in the contest and Prajita made her way to the finals of Top 10 and admirably did her best . Finally, she was awarded with a certificate.

4. My Dream Canvas

This was an art-based program and Binaya Bajracharya, Christopher Bhattarai and Shraddha Shrestha from class 9 participated in the contest.

5. Quality Quiz

Rashila Deshemaru and Jyoti Shrestha from Class 10 participated in the contest.

6. Story Formation

Sonima Moktan from Class 10 was the participant of the event.

7. The Travel

Day1: Departure -> Ratnanagar -> Devghat -> Apex School (Tilottama Municipality, Butwal, Rupandehi)

Day 2: 1st Day of 11th NCSQC

Day 3: 2nd Day of NCSQC
Day 4: Lumbini -> Mugling -> Malekhu -> Arrival

SQC Case Study Presentations in Different Hubs: Marking 11th NCSQC 2015/16

This year, Golden Gate made historic and remarkably multiple presence in the 11th NCSQC ’15 Hub Conventions organized by QUEST-Nepal in collaboration with different schools in Kathmandu Valley. Furthermore, Golden Gate itself organized Hub Convention and has joined hands with QUEST-Nepal as collaborating partner from this year.

The following are the summary of Golden Gate’s Participation:

1. Participation at Galaxy Hub:

  • Date: 10th Magh, 2072
  • Name of SQC: Innovative Students’ Quality Circle
  • Class: 9
  • Topic: “Stage Fright”
  • No. of students: 6


2. Participation at Mt. View Hub:

  • Date: 16th Magh, 2072
  • Name of SQC: Peaceful SQC
  • Class: 8
  • Topic: Lack of Self-Confidence
  • No. of students: 6


3. Participation at Golden Gate Hub:

  • Date: 22nd Magh, 2072
  • Name of SQC: Power SQC
  • Class: 6
  • Topic: Bad Handwriting
  • No. of students: 7


4. Participation at Little Angel’s (LA) Hub:

  • Date: 28th Magh, 2072
  • Name of SQC: Twinkling Star
  • Class: 7
  • Topic: Bad Handwriting
  • No. of students: 6


Outing for Grade I & II

29th Poush, 2072 | A day-out is simply a powerful treat for the students busy with their curricular studies. Grade I & II students got this opportunity when Primary Level Incharge Mrs. Bijaya Lohala, along with teachers Rita Sharma and Sabina Shrestha, organized a One-Day Outing for them.

The program was filled with lots of games and creative works.

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