Children Mural Painting

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CHILDREN MURAL PAINTING is a very special event that Bikalpa organizes each year to mark Universal Children’s Day (20th November) and on other occasions as well.

This event is a grand gathering of more than 500 children from different schools where they express their feelings and emotions on a large and long piece of white cloth with brushes and colors. They are given a special theme, and based on the theme, children draw and paint their emotions and views.

Generally, the event is organized at a public place or world heritage sites so that many people get attracted to the voices and choices of the children expressed through their artwork.

Golden Gate makes its students participate in the event each year.

In the year 2015 AD, Golden Gate had a glorious opportunity to Co-Host the event in the cultural city of Bhaktapur, right at Bhaktapur Durbar Square, exactly in front of the historical Golden Gate.

The details about the event can be reached by clicking here:

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