Exhibition of Bottle Project at Durbar Square

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19th Mangsir, 2072 | Four students from Class – 9 along with two teachers volunteered to display the crafts from the waste plastic bottles at Durbar Square, Bhaktapur. The program was held under Bottle Campaign Project conducted by International Association of Lions Club and Leo Club of Bhaktapur Suryabinayak, and, sponsored by Bhaktapur Suryabinayak Lions Club.


The volunteering students were:

  • Binaya Bajracharya
  • Anish Twanabasu
  • Christopher Bhattarai
  • Rohan Sundas

Facilitating teachers:

  • Radhyashyam Suwal, Incharge: Lower Secondary Level
  • Anita Maka, Teacher: Lower Secondary Level

The crafts were prepared by the students from Class 5 to 9. There were 43 objects in total. Amongst all others, Golden Gate’s crafts were diverse and larger in number as well. Visitors and passerby enjoyed looking upon the objects curiously while gaining some awareness on waste management.


At the end, a certificate was awarded to the school.

Leo Certificates

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