Principal’s Message

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela

We all know that the 21st Century dynamism has brought a lot of challenges in every sector of lives and we have to accept that education is the most affected one. Amongst all educational activities, school education, the stage where the foundation for the entire lives of everyone is to be built, is the most crucial part that has to develop, adapt and lead the overall responsibility, as Mandela remarked above.

But If we closely observe the way education is being delivered throughout the world, a question can arise whether the weapon is for construction or destruction for humanity. Amongst everything that is being innovated in the highest speed and agility, education remains quite unchanged and secluded. As American Educationist and Philosopher John Dewey opined. “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow”, what is the world doing? Are we robbing the tomorrows of the children? Honest reflection and immediate actions are inevitable.

As Dewey’s maxim “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”, we, at Golden Gate, always put our best efforts to provide every possible opportunity to the students to construct their learning in connection with the real world. We have created and cultivated the culture and value of “Education in life, through life and for life”. So, we create the best environment where students learn through the experiences of doing the activities according to their skills and intelligences, fully aligned with the National Curriculum.

We are so proud to state that for the purpose of transforming the way we educate our students, we have conceptualized and implemented the Multiple Intelligences Based Project Based Learning #MI_PBL, a Progressive Education Approach developed with Synergistic Amalgamation of Multiple Intelligences Theory and Project Based Learning (PBL). The #MI_PBL largely follows Dr. Howard Gardner’s Harvard University Project Zero – Project Spectrum Modality of Multiple Intelligences, mingled with John Dewey’s Progressive Education, Jean Piaget’s Constructivism and standardized PBL System developed by Buck Institute for Education (BIE), USA. The #MI_PBL Approach has gained national attention and now, it is being implemented in prestigious schools throughout the nation. As such, we thrive to prepare committed, peaceful, and creative-innovative Total Quality global citizens who are geared by contemporary Science and Technology being capable of overcoming all challenges of their globalized age and making them cultivate the art of happy living.

At the best affordability, we are committed to providing International Learning Experiences. For actualizing it, along with #MI_PBL, we have signed up and implemented several life-changing programs like The British Council International School Awards (ISA) Projects, Connecting Classrooms Professional Partnerships with Schools in UK, School Enterprise Challenge International Award Program from UK, Students’ Quality Circles (SQC) from QUEST-Nepal and WCTQEE, The World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child (WCP) – Children’s Nobel Prize coordinated by Maiti Nepal, Children Peace Council from Bikalpa Gyan Tatha Bikas Kendra, AIESEC – International Volunteering Program, Scrabble Championships at District, National and International Level, etc.

We also encourage our students to go way further by taking various certified courses from hundreds of the World’s Top Universities like Yale University, University of California, Stanford University, University of Melbourne, Johns Hopkins University, University of London, University of Toronto, etc. from across the globe through personalized MOOC access.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson somewhere rightly remarked, “The secret in education lies in respecting the student”, we have conceptualized and implemented the  Torture-Free Teaching Environment (TFTe) that provides meaningful freedom to students for their healthy growth. We also conduct regular Parental Education programs and creatively design and implement Teacher and Student Development Programs through various Training, Workshops, Seminars, Projects and many more.

As an educator, I feel very proud to be the Principal of such an outstanding school that has substantially, not only in words as popular trends, established student-friendly norms and values, wholeheartedly supported by the work process of our highly qualified, trained, skilled and experienced galaxy of faculties as per the value and culture of the school.

Let me welcome you all to the innovative, dynamic and value-based educational institution ~ the very Golden Gate English Secondary School!

Singa Lama

Principal & Co-Founder
(KURVE Wustrow, Germany trained International Trainer & St. Xavier’s trained Professional Psychological Counselor)

Other Involvements:

  • Adjunct Faculty for MBA & EMBA, Kantipur Valley College – KVC (Purbanchal University)
  • Adjunct Faculty for M.Sc. Ag. (ABM), HICAST (Purbanchal University)
  • General Secretary & SQC Master Trainer, QUEST-Nepal (2021-24 AD)
  • Facilitator, Bikalpa Gyan Tatha Bikas Kendra
  • Chief Trainer & Teasurer, SCHeME -Nepal
  • Co-author, SQC Text Books
  • eBook Author, Torture Free Teaching Environment (TFTe)
  • Writer/Columnist for many media houses including Kantipur National Daily, Onlinekhabar.Com, EducationKhabar, eShikshalaya, Nuwagi.Com, Shilapatra.Com, etc.


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