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  • To be “A Complete School at Everyone’s Reach” (Nepali: सबैको पहुँचमा एउटा सम्पूर्ण विद्यालय)


  • To be “An ideal school in the country and a model school in Bhaktapur by imparting education with the value of “Education in life, through life and for life”, ensuring learning through experiences of doing activities based on students’ skills and intelligences in a Torture-Free Teaching Environment (TFTe) at the most affordable fees that give exclusive pride and satisfaction to the parents and professional opportunities of fulfillment for teachers”


Being committed to contributing its best to fulfill national objectives of education, GGESS has set the following goals and objectives:

  • To impart result-oriented education in accordance with the global context in a practical and psycho-scientific way,
  • To make students understand their responsibilities towards self, family, society and nation, and to develop them as an able and competent person to accomplish leadership role for that.
  • To develop the school as a base camp to prepare civilized and ethical citizens with scientific skills and competencies according to the national need in connection with spiritual truth and a good sense of humor.
  • To develop the school as a pure educational center of good companions, great masters and lateral thinking.

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A Complete School at Everyone's Reach!