Nepali & Asia Girl Child Peace Camp

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Each year, Bikalpa organizes GIRL CHILD PEACE CAMP – Nepali Girl Child Peace Camp and Asia Girl Child Peace Camp each alternating years on a rotation basis.

These programs are one of the best of its kind and we can see a massive transformation in the Girl Children who participated in the 5 Days Residential Camps. The training, workshops and activities including the hospitality of the camps, have been highly appreciated by the students.

More than personality transformative learnings on Peace, Non-violence and Leadership, students get the rare opportunity of networking and friendship with the girl children of their age group from across the nation and also from the entire South East Region which proves to be a strong foundation for their success in their later life.

The members schools like us and participating children share a very good fortune for being associated with Bikalpa.

The students who participated in the Peace Camps from Golden Gate are listed below:

  1. Babita Mokta
  2. Sujata Moktan
  3. Anisha Joshi
  4. Rasila Tamang

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