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Golden Gate is an Institutional Member of QUEST and Principal Singa Lama served as Member in the Executive Committee for the tenure of 2015-2018 AD and currently, her serves as the Secretary in the Executive Committee for the tenure of 2018-2021 AD

Golden Gate is also the Convener of 4th Bhaktapur District Hub Convention on Students’ Quality Circles 2017 (BDHSQC ’17) in collaboration with QUEST-Nepal

QUEST-Nepal, an acronym of Quality Circles in Education for Students’ Personality Development – Nepal, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established and formally registered in Nepal by like-minded educationists who believes in developing Total Quality People by implementing Students’ Quality Circle as a co-curricular activity in educational institutions.

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Total Quality People (TQP) are those who exhibit personality traits and characters of leadership like effective communications, emotional stability, compassion, team spirit, problem-solving, positive temperament, commitment, honesty and desire to excel. Students’ Quality Circle is one educational empowerment program that has tremendous potential and scope to shape the attitudes, habits and personality of students and make them the light of the world.

Students’ Quality Circle (SQC) is one such innovative idea. If our institute can implement SQC as co-curricular activity for our students they will develop pro-social personality together with whatever academic knowledge they gain. Our students will be smart as well as good human beings, to whom we like to call as Total Quality Persons.

Quality People are not a matter of chance, but a constant and conscious effort is required to groom them. We educationists and our academic institutions involved in this noble cause of making the character of students have now to reorient ourselves to the changing needs by adopting to innovative ideas

The vision of QUEST – Nepal
We the educationists in Nepal are called to produce and promote students who care for others and who find solutions to problems in their life through the knowledge they get from their education, and thus making them total quality persons who would be the pride of the nation.

Introducing Students’ Quality Circle from primary level to university level academic institutions in Nepal to make every Student highly productive and cooperative future citizens being smart as well as having a good personality

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