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SQC at Golden Gate holds special importance because we have institutionally incorporated its essence in our Vision, Mission and Policy.

The practice of SQC started in 2012 AD and since then, we have been continuously executing the program with lots of improvements each year. Currently, we have regular schedules for SQC in our school routine and since Academic Year 2076, we have started forming Circles according to the Multiple Intelligences Profiles of the students which drew nationwide attention from the SQC fraternity.

Till now, we have made our glorious participations in the following National Conventions to date:

Golden Gate’s SQC Participation in QUEST-Nepal’s National Conventions on Student’s Quality Circles (NCSQC) & NCQED

S.N. Conventions Venue SQC Class Participants Facilitator
1. 8th NCSQC’12 Vijaypur HSS, Dharan Vintage Denizen SQC 9 Leader:
Rahul Lama
Deputy Leader:
Arun Shakya
Secretary :
Ratna Bajra Lama
Other Members:
Alisha, Jeena, Menuka, Muna, Babita, Nilam & Rodip
Rajendra Lama
2. 9th NCSQC’13 LRI School, Kathmandu Divine SQC 9 Leader:
Kushal Shilpakar
Deputy Leader:
Anisha Bala
Circle Members:
Ina Sainju, Aaditya Suwal & Dipesh Dyola
Rajendra Lama
3. 1st NCQED’14 Kathmandu University Principal Singa Lama as Co-convener and Moderator of NCQED


  • 11th NCSQC’15 is to be held at Apex School, Butawal.
  • 12th NCSQC’16, held at Sainik Abasiya Secondary School, Bhaktapur
  • 13th NCSQC’17, held at Monastic School, Janakpurdham
  • 14th NCSQC’18, held at Galaxy Public School, Kathmandu
  • 15th NCSQC’19, held at DAV School, Lalitpur

Note: Detailed information about the NCSQC Participation can be found at the School’s Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/goldengateschool

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