Sanitation Program by Peace Council

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Here is report of Sanitation Program organized by Golden Gate Children’s Peace Council on 10th Shrawan, 2073:

Report on Sanitation Program

1. Introduction

We, the members of Golden Peace Council from Golden Gate English Secondary School, organized a “Sanitation Program” with the involvement of students from Class 6, 7 and 8 along with our teacher Miss Anita Maka.

Date: 10th Shrawan, 2073
Day: Monday


2. Objectives of the Program:
  • To clean the environment with the collaboration of different classes
  • To aware the students to clean the environment
  • To clean the school area and dumping all the wastes away
3. Execution:

We incurred our expenditures on buying broom, dustpan, plastic bags, masks, soap, etc. We bought 4 brooms, 4 dustpans, 4 plastic bags, 36 masks and one soap. Each broom costed Rs. 70, each dustpan Rs. 30, each plastic bags Rs. 5 and each mask Rs. 8.

Then, we started our Sanitation Program at 2:00 pm. At first, all the students were gathered and were given specific jobs. The program ended at 4:00 pm. All the students had cleaned school surrounding, senior block from top floor to the ground and Montessori block.

image-0-02-01-3ddd9fbd2f2e493c032994b5ebf64f45d24af44e5e8006f1d80e139badc6ed32-V image-0-02-01-d21d8dd9c5fbd03ccabeeec32733f3ddaf2005fd6b48aa2dcbbf7b29a13631f2-V image-0-02-01-93b4553de87096fc9247e2f479370841227335d40af300379b89bb85f5ec9eba-V

We would like to thank Bikalpa Gyan Tatha Bikas Kendra and our own Golden Gate English Secondary School for such initiation into new and creative world.


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