Children’s Peace Council: Golden Peace Council

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This is a program for students from Grade 7 through Grade 9 aimed at providing organizational management, problem solving and personality development skills from their early age. A council named Golden Peace Council has been formed and it is reformed each year with new leadership. Students are given responsibilities as co-ordinators for Finance, Programs, Discipline, etc. All the activities are guided by the Charter of Children’s Peace Council developed by Bikalpa.

Golden Peace Council – 2073 BS & 2074 BS

S.N. Names of the Students Posts
A/Y 2073 BS A/Y 2074 BS
1. Bainay Bajracharya Adviser
2. Christopher Bhattarai Adviser
3. Rohan Sundas Adviser
4. Prashanna Didiya Coordinator Adviser
5. Subina Shrestha Program Coordinator Adviser
6. Saroj Rajchal Finance Coordinator Adviser
7. Sabina Mainali Discipline Coordinator Coordinator
8. Saliya Kumpakha Public Relation Coordinator Program Coordinator
9. Dishant Karmacharya Sanitation Coordinator Finance Coordinator
10. Ruchi Nakarmi Member Discipline Coordinator
11. Sujit Jonchhen Member Sanitation Coordinator
12. Rojeena Tamang Public Relation Coordinator
13. Janak Mainali New Member
14. Rasila Tamang New Member
15 Punam Sapkota New Member
Golden Peace Council – 2071 BS & 2072 BS
S.N. Names of the Students Posts
A/Y 2071 BS A/Y 2072 BS
1. Anisha Bala Adviser
2. Sun Kumar Lama Adviser
3. Insa Sainju Adviser
4. Anisha Joshi Coordinator Adviser
5. Bebish Suwal Program Coordinator Adviser
6. Anjani Bhandari Discipline Coordinator Adviser
7. Swostika Sharma Sanitation Coordinator Adviser
8. Binaya Bajracharya Finance Coordinator Coordinator
9. Rohan Sundas Member Discipline Coordinator
10. Christopher Member Member Program Coordinator
11. Saroj Rajchal Member Sanitation Coordinator
12. Subina Shrestha Member Finance Coordinator
13. Prashanna Didiya Member Public Relation Coordinator
14. Dishan Karmacharya Member New Member
15. Sabina Mainali Member New Member
16. Sailiya Kumpakha Member New Member



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