Special Calligraphy (Handwriting) Class Initiated!

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Mahatma Gandhi has clearly mentioned these things regarding handwriting in his autobiography “Practice of Truth and Me“:

“…….. I just believed that beautiful handwriting is not essential in education, how this wrong thought came to me. It exactly remained with me till I went to Britain. Later, especially in South Africa, when I saw the diamond-like handwriting of lawyers and young people born and educated in South Africa, then I got ashamed and repented. I experienced that bad handwriting should be considered as a symbol of incomplete education. Later, I tried to improve my handwriting, but can a pot well-baked in kiln be re-joined if broken? What I hated in my youth, I haven’t been able to do it till date. Each and every young boys and girls should learn lesson from my example and understand that good handwriting is an essential part of education. Drawing and art is necessary to learn good handwriting. What I opine is that initially children should be taught drawing and art. In the way a child remembers birds, objects and recognizes them easily, likewise they should recognize letters and, when they start making pictures after learning drawing and art, only then writing letters should be taught, then their handwriting will be as beautiful as printed letters.”

Considering the irreplaceable importance of calligraphy/handwriting in students’ success in their lives, we have initiated a Special Calligraphy (Handwriting) Class for the students from Class One through Eight. It is expected that the course will enhance necessary skills of calligraphy in the Golden Gateans that set them apart from their contemporary colleagues in the entire nation.

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